Open Albion & Windsors Incorporating Barnsley Longbow

The Open Albion, Windsors and Longbow is an outdoor competition held at the Shaw Lane Sports Complex in Barnsley. It features an Open Albion and Windsor shoot that incorporates the Barnsley Longbow Windsor. There is also the opportunity for junior rounds according to age group. The Longbow has traditional trophies with prizes and medals awarded for each category according to entry in the open shoots. The shoot is a fun day with numerous spot prizes (as determined by our judge in charge).


The Open Albion and Windsors incorporating longbow is held on the last Saturday in September each year

Provisional Target List
2015  Albion Windsor Results
2015  Longbow Windsor Results
2016  Albion Windsor Results
2016  Longbow Windsor Results
2018  Albion Windsor Results